Sanjay Patel is Alex Dunphy's ex-boyfriend and her biggest competitor during high school.


At the end of their senior year, he was co-valedictiorian along with Alex. Though they decided to race each other to complete their P.E. grade and have only one valedictorian, Sanjay admitted his feelings to Alex and the two began dating.

They decided to break up just before they both went their separate ways to college, with Alex staying in the city to go to Caltech while he went Stanford, but both were devastated and agreed to try long distance.

Shortly after, however, Sanjay began cheating on Alex with someone else at Stanford. He started ignoring Alex and eventually told her, leading to their breakup.

Sanjay returns home for summer break when Alex came to his house to return his sweater and tell him that she'd moved on. Sanjay, though, told Alex that he still loved him and only cheated because he was overwhelmed by the girls in Stanford. They briefly dated again, and they celebrated their first anniversary, but eventually broke up again.


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