Scott, nicknamed the Incredible Hulk in court and previously impersonating Santa Clause, is a volatile homeless ex-marine who lives in his car. At some point in his life, he had a heart attack. He was married to an unknown woman, but she ultimately "moved out" of his car. Scott was once held in court for unknown reasons, where he was nicknamed the "Incredible Hulk" due to his bad temper. He used to be a marine, but now he moves around the country in his car picking up odd jobs - at one point, he had a job taking possibly fatal shots. He has a knife tucked in his boot. He had, at one point, taken revenge on someone, and cherished the look in said man's eyes.

In "Undeck the Halls", Scott is working as a Mall Santa, but Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker inadvertently get him fired. On his way out, he helps them pack their shopping into the boot of their car, and, feeling sorry for him, they invite him over for dinner, though they decide not to tell him that they're responsible for getting him fired. After following them to their house in his, Scott tells them about his life. Every time they try to tell him their secret, he scares them accidentally. When Cam's old caroling group, the New Greensleavers, now led by his rival Andrew, appears outside the house, Cam becomes angered and goes to confront them, but Scott convinces him to forgive instead and reveals that the best thing he'd done that day was forgiving them for getting him fired. Afterwards, Cam, Mitch and Scott go outside and forgive Andrew. But when Andrew still mocks Cam, Scott punches him and takes off running, leaving with "You were nice, he was naughty."


Season 1

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