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Modern Family was renewed for an 8th Season, which was announced on the 3rd of March, 2016. It is unknown about the episodes and the cast or the storylines. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the actor who plays Mitchell, posted an Instagram photo [1] stating that there will be a Season 8.

Cast and Characters

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  • An 8th Season was announced on March 3rd, 2016. [5]
  • ABC has confirmed a release date for Season 8 of Modern Family, September 21, 2016.
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the actor who plays Mitchell, posted an Instagram photo stating that there will be a Season 8. [6]
  • Phil may start to take a stand as he felt like Claire does too much in the last few episodes of Season 7. [7]
  • Steven Levitan, co-creator of the show stated "I think my personal goal at this point would be 10 seasons. I don't know if it's attainable or not. I think we'll have to look at it every year, and if we feel like we're just running out of things to say then it will be time to make that tough call." when asked about multiple Seasons. [8]
  • At the 2016 TCA press tour, Steven Levitan has announced two new characters will be appearing in season 8: Nathan Fillion in multiple episodes as Rainer Shine and Martin Short in the second episode as Merv Schechter. [3]
  • It was announced that Kelsey Grammer will be in a future episode in January as a character name Keifth, Cam's former boyfriend.[9]
  • The Premiere episode is entitled "A Tale of Three Cities". [10]
  • Robert Costanzo was casted as Earl Chambers for Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook and future episodes after the death of Jon Polito, who died of multiple myeloma on September 1, 2016.


  • These episodes didn't air in order.
    • Unconfirmed episodes.
Image Title Writers Director Airdate No. in Season No. in Series
A Tale of Three Cities.jpeg
"A Tale of Three Cities"


Elaine Ko [11] Chris Koch [11] September 21, 2016 [11] 01 167
After recent trips take the Dunphys to New York; the Tucker-Pritchetts to the Midwest; and Jay and his clan to Juarez, Mexico; the entire family reunites for Father's Day. [11]


Christy Stratton & Danny Zuker [12] Jim Hensz


*October 5, 2016 [12] 02 [13] 168
The Dunphys and Pritchett's are going head-to-head when Luke decides his best chance at getting into college is running for senior class president against Manny; Phil insists on introducing Haley to marketing guru Merv Schechter. [12]
A Stereotypical Day.jpg
"A Stereotypical Day"


Vali Chandrasekaran [14] Ryan Case [14] *September 28, 2016[14] 03 [13] 169
Jay wants to make a good impression on a family moving in across the street; Manny tries to attract a radical thinker; the Pritchett family uses Alex's bout of mono to their advantage; Cam and Mitchell try to teach Lily a message of acceptance.
Weathering Heights.jpg
"Weathering Heights"


Paul Corrigan & Brad Walsh [15] Gail Mancuso [15] October 12, 2016 [15] 04 170
Phil is ecstatic when he's invited to appear in a news segment and gets to meet his "weatherman" hero: Rainer Shine and introduced him to Haley; Jay infuses a little grit into Manny's video interview for college; Lily takes matters into her own hands when she sees Dwight seems to be prefered by Mitch and Cam. Gloria takes Joe to an ortophonist and Claire and Luke form an alliance against Alex. [15]
"Grab It" Jeffrey Richman Beth McCarthy-Miller November 9, 2016 05 171
Phil's desire to join Jay's club compromises his father in law serenity. Gloria wants to have a nice evening, but Manny and Joe ruin her plans. Claire believes that Alex sees her as a perfect mother exemple and Mitchell discovers Cam's new piece of theater.
H4 - The Revenge of Rod Skyhook.jpg
"Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook"


Stephen Lloyd


Chris Koch [16] October 26, 2016 [16] 06 172
Luke's Halloween party is going wrong, but family helps; Cam faces off with his Halloween nemesis, his family try to help; Jay finds out Manny is going to a party at the home of an old enemy, he enlists him to deliver a trick he will never forget. [16]
"Sarge & Pea" James Bagdonas Abraham Higginbotham January 11, 2017 07 173
A parent prevents Cam to see Lilly's beautiful recital and Alex and Haley help him to take his revenge. Jay, Mitch and Claire attend a wedding where they meet Dede again. Phil and Gloria take Manny and Luke to college tours.
"Thanksgiving Jamboree" Steven Levitan Jon Pollack and Chuck Tatham November 16, 2016 08 174
The family gathers for Thanksgiving at Mitch and Cam where Jerry is among the guests and unexpected romances show up.
"The Alliance" Haley is forced to chaperone Rainer's daughter. Luke helps Jay at his club with his petition. Phil, Cam and Gloria form a secret alliance. James Bagdonas Andy Gordon & Ryan Walls November 30, 2016 09
"Snow Ball" Luke and Manny are in charge to organize the winter dance. Cam learns self defense. Mitch helps a bully. Phil wants to spend time with Jay and Claire and Gloria play matchmakers. Beth McCarthy-Miller Christy Stratton & Stephen Lloyd December 14, 2016 10
"Ringmaster Keifth" Cam's ex, a former ringmaster returns in his life. Jay and Gloria search tutors for Joe. Phil learns his father will remarry. Jim Hensz Vali Chandrasekaran January 4, 2017 11
"Do It Yourself" Phil convinces Jay to invest in a property but Jay has to deal with a sportcoach and Luke helps Phil to fix the dryer. Claire and Haley go to a culinary show. Mitch and Cam teach Lilly hard work. "Jeffrey Walker" Paul Corrigan & Brad Walsh February 15, 2017 12
"Basketball" Phil attemps to redeem himself in a basket charity game. Claire has a secret to tell to Jay who fears Joe won't respect him. Gloria meets again Donna Duncan. "Jim Hensz" "Elaine Ko" March 8, 2017 13
"Heavy is the Head" Phil and Jay have to rethink their project. Alex's loyalty is compromised. Gloria makes a schoking discovery while organizing Claire's surprise party. Also, Manny helps Haley with a game of throne Convention and Mitch tries to convince Cam to have an RMI. Ken Witthingham Danny Zuker February 22, 2017 14
"Do You Believe in Magic" Alex discovers she has a secret admirer. Phil calls a magician in order to help him in his couple. Jay favorizes Joe and Mitch and Cam teach Haley and Sal how to stand up. Gail Mancuso Jon Pollack February 8, 2017 15
"Finding Fizbo" Cam discovers that someone stole his Fizbo costume. Phil meets his future step-brother at Frank's bachelor party. Manny enlists the women's help in order to read his play. James Bagdonas Abraham Higginbotham & Chuck Tatham March 1, 2017 16
"Pig Moon Rising" Mitch is afraid to tell Cam the truth after he spread his pig's ashes. Paul Corrigan & Brad Walsh Chris Koch March 15, 2017 17
"Five Minutes"
"Frank's Wedding"
"All Things Being Equal"
"Alone Time"
"The Graduates"

Character Appearances

= Appears | X = Absent.


Episode (This Season)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Total
Jay Pritchett 22
Gloria Pritchett 22
Manny Delgado 15
Joe Pritchett X X X X 12
Phil Dunphy 22
Claire Dunphy 22
Haley Dunphy X 14
Alex Dunphy X X 14
Luke Dunphy X X X X 12
Mitchell Pritchett 22
Cameron Tucker 22
Lily Tucker-Pritchett X X X 12

Viewing Rates

The viewing rates are the amount of people viewing the episodes (U.S.A).

No. Episode Viewing Rate
01 "A Tale of Three Cities" 8.24 million [17]
02 "A Stereotypical Day" 7.41 million [18]
03 "Blindsided" 6.97 million [19]
04 "Weathering Heights" 7.50 million [20]
05 "Grab It" TBA
06 "Halloween 4: The Revenge of Rod Skyhook" 7.38 million

Character Storylines

The Pritchett Family


Jay does not want to give the new family moving in across the street the wrong impression and goes out of his way to make sure they know he is the best kind of neighbor. In this season, he also gets convinced by Phil to invest in a property and his relationship with Joe is clearly developed.


This season involves her speaking Russian with two unbereable guestsand she also prepares Manny to college.


Manny decides that the best way to an attractive and radical-thinking teenage girl's heart is through his actions. This season see him defeated in class president's elections and preparing for graduation.


He wants to live outside at the beginning of this season. He also gets helped by a coach sport named Gary.

The Dunphy Family


This season sees him facing major changes in his life as Luke finishes high school, Alex gets a job and Haley wants to create her own company. Also, Phil learns that Frank will get remarried.


She continues to manage Jay's former company.


This season sees her fired and determined to create her own business. She also breaks up with Andy and hooks up with Rainer Shine, a meteorologist.


She gets a job in a cafe. She is a barrista and has several boyfriends, including Dwight, Cameron's protege and Ben, Claire's sidekick.


He manages to become the new class president and also organizes several parties.

The Tucker-Pritchett Family


He throws Fizbo's clothes away and the idea that he will create his own office is totally forgotten.


This season sees him developing a new friendship with his protege Dwight whom he invites to live with them.


There's no major plot about Lilly, though she appears in several episodes.




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