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Stella is the French Bulldog of the Pritchett family, introduced in "Good Cop Bad Dog". Stella is very problematic and destroys things, mostly Gloria's.

She was previously owned by a dog trainer named Guillermo who sought Jay's advice about his new business idea (good and bad doggie treats) which was harshly criticized. Guillermo couldn't keep her since he had to go back to school so Jay's family decided to take care of her.

At first, Jay did not want her and Gloria did. The tables turned, and Jay ended up loving her and Gloria did not want her. For example, in "Phil on Wire", Stella starts biting and breaking all of Gloria's shoes. Also in "Little Bo Bleep", Stella won't stop diving into the pool and everyone starts to think she has suicidal tendencies. Gloria has to dive into the pool to save her and gets all wet.

It is pretty easy to see that Jay loves (or shows more love to) Stella more than Gloria and his children, as he mostly greets Stella sooner than Gloria when he comes home from work, or when Gloria's sister was on a visit, he went out and bought a diamond collar for Stella instead of something for Gloria. Jay also praises Stella more than any of his children.

Stella was played by a French Bulldog named Brigitte until "Send Out the Clowns". As of Season 4, she is now played by another dog (who is also a French Bulldog) called Beatrice. She was voiced by Frank Welker who was uncredited.

Mishaps With/Involving Stella[]

In "The One That Got Away", Gloria ends up sending Stella out of the house because Stella is trying to get to cake and won't stop even when Gloria tells her to. Stella comes back in and jumps up to the cake without Gloria noticing, Gloria notices later, but by then Stella has knocked the cake on the floor. In "Door to Door", Gloria is busy making some Colombian bread while Stella is jumping up to beg for one. Gloria gets annoyed and lets Stella out of the house, telling her to "go play with the ball".

After that, she realizes the gate is still open, and runs outside to go get Stella, who is nowhere to be found. She calls Cam, and they go looking for Stella. When they can't find her, they go to some of the nearby houses to ask if they have seen Stella, with Gloria describing Stella as "such a little ugly French bulldog with the tiny ears". They see a little girl walking with a French bulldog on a leash. Gloria grabs the dog, prompting the girl to say it is hers and is named Pinky, but they take the dog with them anyway. In the episode it's actually not revealed if the dog is the real Stella or not.

Beatrice unfortunately died after the finale.



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