Tanya, sometimes spelled Tania and commonly referred to as Jungle Tanya or Jungle Tania, is a reptile handler and party entertainer. She used to have a cat, but it is implied that the animal was killed or injured by some sort of reptile.

In "Fizbo", Jungle Tanya is hired by Claire and Phil Dunphy for their son Luke's birthday party. Prior to the party, she speaks to Phil outside the Dunphy house and Phil doesn't think her reptiles are scary enough. Nevertheless, she is hired and entertains the kids at the party. Unfortunately, Luke's older sister Haley's boyfriend Dylan Marshall starts inadvertently flirting with her and she returns the favor. Haley notices, and releases a scorpion to distract Tanya. When she is told by Haley that "one of her reptiles" has escaped, Tanya tells the kids to make a game out of looking where they step. When Luke's uncle Cameron Tucker, dressed as Fizbo the clown, sees the scorpion, he freaks out, scaring Phil who is afraid of clowns who accidentally knocks a crossbow - Luke's gift - out of his father-in-law Jay Pritchett's hand which subsequently fires an arrow into the bouncy castle. As a result of the chain reaction of accidents, Luke trips on some beeds and breaks his arm, putting an end to the disastrous party.


Season 1

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