Ted Durkas is a kid at Luke Dunphy and Manny Delgado's middle school who gives both boys a hard time.

In "My Funky Valentine", Manny's love interest, Fionia, reads a Valentine poem written by Manny, and Ted says that he wrote the poem to win Fionia's heart. Manny explains this to Mitchell and Cameron and decide to go to the restaurant where Fionia and Ted are having a date to get Fionia back for Manny. Cam runs block for Manny by getting Ted away from the table. Manny is able to tell Fionia he really wrote the poem, but Ted comes back and shoves Manny away. Mitch then defends Manny by using the speech he was going to use from the case which makes Cam happy. Ted finally admits that he didn't write the poem, but also tells Fionia that he had those feelings but didn't know how to express them. She thinks it's sweet, and Manny and Mitch get out of the place because they think she is a loon.

In "Open House of Horrors", Manny accidentally sets the fire alarm at school which makes everyone to miss their exam. Ted appreciates what Manny has done for him and his friends, and offers him the chance to hang out with them. While Luke says it's a chance to get in with the cool kids, Reuben believes that what wants Ted wants is to humiliate Manny. Despite his advice, Manny decides to go with them. However, Ted humiliates Manny, and Reuben reminds him that he warned him.


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