The Pritchett House is where Jay and Gloria Pritchett reside with Gloria's son Manny, their dog Stella, and their recently born child Joe. It seems to be the largest and grandest house of the three families, as Jay earns a lot of money from his job. Contains 2 floors, a living room, 1 kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a garage. Gloria insists on adding Colombian influences to the mostly American house, much to Jay's annoyance. Outside there's a front garden and a huge pool that is first seen in "The Incident", and is frequently seen ever since. Gloria is very protective of it (as shown in "Open House of Horrors" when some kids egged it and Gloria charged after them yelling "You put egg on my house, I kill what you love!") but once threatened to burn it down when Jay was beating her at chess.

The real house is located in Brentwood, 15 minutes away from the house used for Mitch and Cam. There is a whole extra wing of the house that is not show in the shots of the house for the show. This house was also seen in CSI:Miami episode "Payback".

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