• You've been doing an amazing job! I've been looking at adding some new admins, as well as updating all of your privilages as well. You're now listed in the power-users category, which essentially means that Wikia is monitoring your activity. They take basic info on your edits and other various activity to see how the more active users across Wikia preform. It doesn't appear to be for any privacy or contact reasons, just merly a track of people like you and the raw data you provide. I found this quote from Wikia's website, "The group is a pretty wide range of individuals, and we just want to learn more about how the more active users use the site, so that we can better serve their needs." Really great job your doing!

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    • Also, Will you be grabbing and adding the images for season 7, like you did with season 6? The new character images would be great to update again if you wouldn't mind.

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