• So, I have a pretty filthy mouth. Yesterday I went on a public rant while streaming on Twitch that would make any senior citizen vomit. However, here on the wiki we're reformatting our policies and procedures. As of right now, we've been blocking and deleting any content that isn't family friendly. We just had a terrible batch of abuse so we had to make some changes. Any chance I could sweet talk ya into changing your username? Normally we just block and move on but yours isn't really that bad and you've been doing enough editing to stand out, but if I keep doing my job right you'll be the last, non-transcribed or quoted "Bitch" on the site. It's up to you. Either way it's good to have ya and thanks for the content you've added.-- SawBucks  Wall  Blog  Contribs  21:21, October 17, 2015 (UTC)

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