• Hello Eamoo!

    I just wanted to let you know that we are going to be helping out with some updates for the wiki ahead of the final season of Modern Family. There is a Content Team Member here (Asnow89) who will be assisting with new content, but we also wanted to give some updates to the main page.

    I'm also coming up with a new background that is related with Season 11 of the show, as the current one is a poster that is from the past season. My idea is to use correct measurements so it doesn't have to be a repeated image -- so if you don't oppose this, I should be able to upload it soon.

    That's it for now, but please feel free to reach out to discuss anything regarding these or other things you would like us to help with. Hopefully this wiki gets fully equipped for the end of this wonderful show. Cheers!

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    • Like I said above, I came up with a new background! I tried my best using the posters they made for the characters for Season 11, but if you dislike this we could always try something else.

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    • no, looks good!

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    • I'm glad you like it, I tried to fit them as best as I could. (There are a lot of them!)

      Also, I just made some modifications to the navigation menu, which I hope are acceptable. Added Season 11 to the "Episodes" tab, then reorganized the others a bit:

      • I separated the main and recurring/other characters so we can have space for adding more characters, including the most visited ones (based on the Special:Analytics page).
      • I combined the two "community" tabs, so "improve this wiki" is now inside of "community". I did this so we could have the extra space for the characters. It's a big recommendation to have more access to content there than anything else, as there are usually more readers than editors. (this blog has some good explanations for this if you want to know more)

      That's it for now. New season almost here!

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