Truth Be Told is the seventeenth episode of the Modern Family series. It was aired on March 10, 2010 and it was directed by Jason Winer.


The theme of this episode was facing or owning up to the truth.

In the Dunphy family plotline, the family has a notion to go see a movie, but Phil opts out due to conflicting plans on meeting his ex-girlfriend. Claire discovers that he's been talking to her via Facebook for a year, and suspects Denise's plans even if Phil doesn't. Phil believes it to be merely friendship, but shortly after Denise pays a visit, he discovers that Claire has been correct.

In the Pritchett family plotline, Jay tries to urge Manny that failure doesn't necessarily make a person weak. He gives Manny a Successories poster but Manny doesn't really accept it. Jay decides to place the poster on Manny's wall to help reinforce his idea. Unfortunately, the poster falls into Manny's terrarium, killing the pet turtle Shel Turtlestein. Jay creates an elaborate alibi by faking a break-in by a raccoon. Gloria sees through the falsehood and urges Jay to confess. Jay spends the day justifying the deception by relating a similar incident where he owned up to the truth when he accidentally killed Mitchell's pet bird Fly-Za Minnelli and it wounded their relationship. Ultimately, Jay's conscience wins and he confesses - Manny tells him he had it figured out the entire time.

In the Pritchett-Tucker family plotline, Mitchell has been missing significant moments in Lily's development and is increasingly agitated about it. Cameron urges Mitchell to review his priorities and Mitchell subsequently decides that on his days off, his priorities are his family and that he hates his job. He tells his boss he's not going to work on the weekend; his boss tells him if he goes home to consider himself fired. Mitchell leaves for home and initially is ecstatic that he stood up for himself but starts having anxiety attacks once he's home regarding the future of the family. Later, Jay tells Mitchell that he will help out while Mitchell looks for a new job.


Jay accidentally kills Manny's pet turtle and lies about it. Claire becomes jealous when Phil's ex-girlfriend pays a visit. Mitchell makes a bold decision after he misses a family day because he's called in to work.

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