To The People Whom Want Andy Bailey Back to this show...You're Crazy & You're Dead Wrong. Andy Bailey Never Comes Back to the show, No Way and not as Prof. Arvin Fennerman. You Guys, Want Andy Bailey to the show to see Haley Dunphy Again? No Way, Jose & Don't Start with Andy & Haley Reunion and you know Mother Claire & Father Phil Both Disapproved & Disallow it and you don't Dylan Marshall nor Prof. Arvin Fennerman are both bad for her. You Guys are Stupid Liars & Obnoxious People You Re-Created A Secret Petition for Andy Bailey & Haley Dunphy Lovers Again and your idea is sick and stupid and I Don't Want You Guys to see it happens and Stop Bringing Up Andy Bailey back on the show and he's written out of the same program forever and not for Dr. Arvin Fennerman. Andy Bailey isn't 1 of 2 Choices for Haley's Baby Daddy either Dylan or Prof. Arvin and Andy Bailey don't count as the 3rd Choice from other people thoughts. I Think Mr. Dylan Marshall will be truly as Baby Daddy to Haley Dunphy to become Mrs. Dylan Marshall aka Haley Marshall.