OK, I'm sure you've all noticed one major flaw with this wiki. It's failing. The whole thing seems outdated and updates are just not occuring. With the acclaim Modern Family has been getting, I thought there would be loads of people wanting to edit it, but apparently not.

Now, the editing that's currently going on must be crushing the users already doing it, so over the course of today, I'll do some housekeeping and fix things up and keep them current.

Here are some ideas I think would be useful for others wanting to edit;

1. Add pictures, pictures, pictures! This wiki needs pictures, fast. For every episode and character, if you have a spare moment, upload a picture from the show and someone else can attach it to a page.

2. Don't add internal page links to things that don't exist, it just looks bad.

3. If there's a character that hasn't been created, however, create the page.

Sorry to rant, I just want this wiki to be fresh and resourceful.