• Elena.arisi.1

    Hi guys, I've got another quetion for you: which is the name of the Productions Co. Lloyd and Levitan have had and still hae togheter. Wikipedia states that first in 2006 they had the "Picture Day" but there's no font about it and on the web I couldn't find anything! Than the "LEvitan/Lloyd starts with Back to You (for this I think that's the true co. instead of Picture Days) and finally in the fourth season we have only Steven Levitan Productions.

    What do you think about it?

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  • Elena.arisi.1

    Hi you there!

    My name is Elena, I'm italian and I'm writing a thesis for my 3 tears university degree about this wonderful tv series! 

    I'm looking for useful material and I've found this amazing wikia! Now that I've signed up, each now and then I'll ask you for some help and when I'll be graduated I'll contribute with some extracts of my researches !

    For now, do you know whom could I ask for to visit/having an interview with the cast or the troupe? Cause I'll be in LA for some days and even if it's veeery unlikely to happen, maybe there's a way to try. Maybe the ABC? Or 20th Century? Or simply throug twitter?

    Thanks guys, C U

    Elena :)

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