Here is the thing: sometime ago, I would say approximately two months before the start of June, the time during which I am writing this statement, Lynettefan2626 (then called Julietfan2626, I believe) gave me his password to access his wiki during a weekend when he was away on a holiday. The password was "lynette". He did so in order for me to make small edits on the Desperate Housewives Wiki, so as to prevent him from interrupting his streak of days working there and thus to keep him from losing a badge (the 100 day badge, I think). Anyway, I did just this, small edits, and didn't go back to his account after he'd returned. Until a few days later, unfortunately I didn't memorize the dates, when Lynettefan2626 and I, Renaboss, got into a bit of a squabble on our wiki's chat because he was determined to rub in everyone's faces that he had the most power on the wiki, and that he could get me banned like that (a nod to the fact that I wasn't sure how to ban people). Out of fear of getting banned, I entered his account (the password was still the same) and removed his bureaucrat powers, which I had previously bestowed upon him, per his request. Which was ultimately to no avail, seeing as how he banned me anyway, my IP address, without noticing what I'd done, and wound up getting banned himself in the process, because I'd used his account. He then lied to you all to protect me, claiming to have removed his powers and banned himself by accident, and even rubbed in my face that you guys liked him so much you even gave him his powers back and unbanned him rapidly. Anyway, he unbanned me and ever since he's used this story to hold some kind of power over me, using it as a means of blackmail and threats. Should he ever report me and get me globally banned, I want you guys to at least read this and consider that what happened (the "hacking", as Lynettefan puts it) wasn't exactly hacking, seeing as how he actually confided in me his password. Besides, I'd been threatened, and acted out of concern. My contributions to this wiki and others have been valuable ones and it'd be a shame if all my work went to waste over a mishap. The reason I hadn't come clean about what happened was fear of getting globally banned. I love the wikia community, aside from that thing I have a stellar track record on the DH wiki, whereas, if you do some digging, you'll surely find his history is nothing short of flawed, including several warnings and bans derided from bad behavior of Lynettefan's on the Glee wiki.



June 08, 2012