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  • SawBucks

    New changes to the wiki.

    August 29, 2015 by SawBucks

    Hello everybody! As of late we've seen many issues with the social aspect of our site here. To make things right we're currently making many changes as of right now. Some of the changes are good and some are unfortunate.

    Things that have changed:

    • We have deleted all negative content from the comment sections on the character and episode related pages.
    • We have blocked unregistered users from using the editing and commenting features. Having users sign in to an account before posting or editing allows admins to use the rollback feature if there is any negative content from that person.
    • We have filed a batch of bans for all the users/unregistered users that were adding harassing, nonsense filled or inappropriate content into the comments and arti…

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  • SawBucks

    Hello guys, gals and everything in between. I'm John, but more importantly I'm the founder of the Modern Family Wiki. I'm not a huge fan of blogs, both reading and writing (on account of they're super boring), but this was long overdue. This post might be a bit long, and as your about to find out I have terrible grammar, but I've wanted to address the success of this wiki for quite some time. So sit down, grab your reading glasses and be prepared to laugh at a grown man who's grasp of the English language and sentence structure would make even Luke and Lilly roll on the floor laughing.

    It was about five years ago. I had saw a commercial for a new show coming out called Modern Family and decided that it would be added to my list of shows to …

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