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    Season 7 Episode Order

    November 15, 2015 by Tooniee

    Hey guys!

    I checked thefutoncritic for the episode titles and there's something wrong with the order of episodes and airdates. I fixed all the pages, but since it may be confusing, I decided to create a blog post to explain myself.

    As it listed on that site, this is the order of broadcast:

    • November 18: Phil's Sexy, Sexy House (Episode 708)
    • December 2: Clean Out Your Junk Drawer (Episode 707)
    • December 9: White Christmas (Episode 711)

    However, the actual order of the episodes after 706 (regardless of their airdates) is:

    • Episode 707: Clean Out Your Junk Drawer
    • Episode 708: Phil's Sexy, Sexy House
    • Episode 709: Playdates
    • Episode 710: Spread Your Wings
    • Episode 711: White Christmas

    So, the episodes will just be aired out of order, but as for the wiki, I thin…

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